Battlestar Galactica Realm Press Comics
By Chris Scalf

A NEW Picture for The Hand of God episode (posted: 9/15/2000)
A NEW Picture of Some of the Galactica Crew and Aliens (posted: 9/14/2000)

June, 1999:
The comic is now run by JMJ Media Group. Chris Scalf is not longer a part of it. :( My page will only contain pictures by Chris Scalf from his run of the comic.

These are the dates the issues of the first run of the Realm Press Battlestar Galactica comic by Chris Scalf were released.

Comic Releases
IssueTitleDate of Release
#1The Law of Volahd, Part 1 (Viper Cover, Cylon Cover)December 31, 1997 - SOLD OUT!!
#2The Law of Volahd, Part 2 (Cover)March 4, 1998 - SOLD OUT!!
#3Prison of Souls, Part 1 (Cover 1,Cover 2)April 29, 1998
#4Prison of Souls, Part 2 (Cover)July 15, 1998
#5Prison of Souls, Part 3 (Cover)August 19, 1998

Volume 2 - "Search for Sanctuary"
IssueTitleDate of Release
#1Search for Sanctuary, Part 1 (Cover)October 14, 1998
#2Search for Sanctuary, Part 2 - never released, but the pictures were drawn.
#3Search for Sanctuary, Part 3 - don't know if it will be released
#4Search for Sanctuary, Part 4 - don't know if it will be released

Special Editions
IssueTitleDate of ReleaseNotes
#1The Law of Volahd Part 1 (Cylon Cover)January 28, 1998Signed by Chris Scal, different cover

Please let me, Robert, know what you think about this collection of pictures. Chris will be very happy to hear what you have to say. Thanks to Tanja and Chris Scalf for all the information I've been able to give you.

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