It all started back in 1979 with twenty-three issues from Marvel Comics. In Nothing else appeared in the United States until 1995. There were two Brithish Annuals during that time period with comics and fiction. After it was evident that interest still existed in the show, Maximum Press began a new series of comics. The characters did not look as they did on the show and the ships were different, but it was enough to keep the possibilities of revival going. These comics stopped at the beginning of 1997. Fortunately, this was not the end. December, 1997 is the date for the third, and perhaps the best Battlestar Galactica comic series to hit the comic store shelves. Realm Press is the publisher. In 1999, the comic was taken over by a new company JMJ Media Group. That was very short lived.

Below are pictures and information pertaining to the three comic book series.

Marvel Comic Series 1979 - 1981

Maximum Press Series 1995 - 1997

Realm Press Series 1997 - ????

Thanks to Rich H. for some helpful information.
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