Battlestar Galactica Fan Art

I hope to make this a collection of art by the fans. I have doodled many a viper in my school notebooks. I know there must be others who have drawn something. Don't be afraid. It's a real joy to see who have put their hand to paper. Let us not limit art to drawings. Art comes in many forms. You will also see those here.

The date the pictures were posted appears after the artist name
How did she do it? "Ten years ago I got a male doll from the 'Barbie' family from a friend, who suggested I could take it for an Adama doll. After all, the original Adama doll bears no striking resemblance to Lorne Greene. The bigger one either, but I painted the hair with white nail enamel and asked my neighbor to help with the little bridge uniform. Well, she did a fine job and after these changes the doll did have a certain similarity to Adama."

Do you have any sketches, doodles, drawings to add? If so, you can mail it to me at and I will be happy to add it.

Art posted on this page is done so with permission of the artist. Please do not use it in any way, shape or form without the consent of the artist. Thank You.

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