Viper Models

The Scarlet Viper of the Grey Ghost Squadron from the Battlestar Millennia.
This was a story line I had written when word was out that Tom Desanto and Bryan Singer were getting ready to start production of their Battlestar Galactica.
I was going to submit it as a possible episode..... but all things....
The model is my own version of the original Scarlet Viper made by Steve Parady.
I improved on it with better defined wingtip guns and actual vains for the "Vectored Exhaust", instead of 1/24th scale truck wheels. The Grey markings were hand made on decal sheet; and I
even devised a way to number the individual Vipers.... see if you can tell how.
The second Viper is my version of the Two Seat Recon Viper. The Galactica 1980 version was just soooo ridicules..... with just two extra windows stuck in the section behind the cockpit on a regular Viper model. So I designed my own canopy that I think would look right at home sitting next to a regular Viper on the Launch Ramp. I was in the middle of making an interior for it when another project called me away. I'll get back to it sometime. Please feel free to contact me,,about the models.

Note from Robert: This may take a few minutes to load. There are 10 pictures.

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