In days past, it was easy to keep up with BSG sites. There were only a few. The first BSG page to appear on the web is Mark Heiman's and has been around since it's beginning. Mine was one of the first five to be on the net when I created it back in 1995 mainly as a weekly changing picture page with pictures I snapped using a 486/20 MHz. No other site offered that at the time, only a few non-changing shots. Mine quickly became a fanfiction source as I started writing early 1995. My first story, BSG/Knightrider never was and probably never will be finished. Since then, I have added many things not to be found on other sites such as poetry, episode synopsis, location list of other fans, and so on.

The following sites are those that have been around as long or longer than my own. Other sites have quickly appeared and just as quickly disappeared. There are many out there which are simply a list of links to BSG sites, probably most links being outdated. Others are simply copies of what is there. How much can you do with a show that only lasted one season? There are sites dedicated to specifically one character of the show. There are others for the revival, which isn't a new idea. It's been on going since before 1995.

Personally, I can't keep up with them all. There are at least five different BSG webrings. The following webring is one containing unique sites. It was started by a friend of mine. Those with links to other sites or copies of sites are not permitted.

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