Greetings! Welcome to my Battlestar Galactica and Flying Pages. If you care to see adventures in space, visit my Battlestar Galactica Page. There are pictures, stories, poems, silly things, locations of fans and other assorted information about the one season, 1978 television show.

Perhaps you might be interested in more Earth bound adventures in flying. I have been flying airplanes since April, 1998. On my many journeys I have collected pictures of where I've been and have flown over. To see a view of the Earth you can only see from the air, visit my Flying Page
Updated March 5, 2005

My Trip to New York City - September 11-13, 2009

Pictures of Ozzie, Lucky, Chief and Dusty

Vatican Radio- in multiple languages. Be sure the click the "schedule" link to see what is playing and when.
Radio 24 - 97.3 FM Rosa - Rome (News)

A Note from Robert:
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